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Music in Education

Exploring and committing to differentiated learning is an effectively way to build a well-rounded and versatile education. It makes easier to transcend in academics regarding the core interests or long-term goals they may have. Music can be incorporated in both teaching and building a career beyond academics. Music is also the core of every schools culture programs across the US. Marching bands on school campus is a long standing and expansive tradition in America these days. Incorporating music into classrooms, curriculums and class schedules providers several different ambitious students.

Music is the Key

Many students use music when they study to help them focus, some ambiance in the background or classical music like Mozart can help create a pleasant and beneficial environment when it comes to studying or getting school work done. Learning to play instruments or read music also brings new skills and knowledge to the student that would not otherwise get in the classroom. Music can be an effective way to learn about the culture of a specific region or era in history as well.

Music Helps

Many times, analyzing and exploring different music can help provide insight that the texts and reading cannot. Music opens new opportunities and interests for students that would typically not be privy or exposed to. It’s important to provide as many different perceptions or options to students when it comes to building a strong well-rounded education that can serve them well later in life.

Creating music also helps the student learn about different skills and ways to bring an idea together. Many times music in education is the deciding factor for young students that are interested or curious about having a career in the music or entertainment industry. Incorporating music in the classroom is an effective way to keep studies fun and engaging.

For more information on online schooling use

Backing Up Your Music On A Secure Server

broken CDCollecting music has really changed in the past few years.  Long gone are many formats of collecting music, only a few purists still really have a substantial collection of vinyl these days and although the format has seen a resurgence, it is still not the primary way most people buy their music. CD’s are still around but they are nowhere near as popular as they were ten years ago.  CD’s are bulky and not as durable as they once seemed.  I’ve personally managed to scratch, break and even warp a few of them.  The only thing that is truly indestructible is the security sticker that you have to remove to get them out of the case.

How Music Is Sold

Today’s music collectors and enthusiasts are mostly collecting digitally.  MP3’s, WMA’s, WAV’s, FLACs and SHN’s are common file formats for collecting music, with MP3s being the most popular. The rise of the iPod MP3 player helped lead the way in making digital music the preferred way to listen to music.  The popularity of computers and the internet gave digital music files an easy way to be distributed.  Early on, programs like Napster were an underground and illegal way to trade music, but today reputable sites like iTunes are the way most of us buy our music.  The music is reasonably priced, but not free.  If you are a music lover and have spent a lot of time and money building your digital collection of music you should also spend some time finding a way to secure that valuable collection of music.

Backups Are Important

Music files are sometimes protected.  This keeps them from being copied and passed around, or even resold.  If you have music files that are encrypted this way, you must keep your original files safe and secure, because you can’t make a playable copy.  However many services like iTunes will let you download them again, in the event that you lose them.  Also, you can authorize them to play on a set number of devices.  If you have music files which can be backed up, you should back them up and store them securely.

There is more than one data backup solution when it comes to storing your files.  You can burn them to CD’s or DVD’s and store them away, but remember, discs are not as durable as they are advertised to be.  You can buy an external hard drive and copy your music files over to it, which is in actuality neither safe nor secure, drives fail regularly and someone could easily just walk off with your collection.  Or you can store them online in the cloud.  By far, the cloud is the most secure method of storage.  Your cloud storage provider will have backups of your stored data, should anything happen.  With any other method, you are ultimately responsible for safely storing your collection.  Should anything happen such as theft or a fire, flood or other disaster your collection could be lost, especially if your backups are stored in the same place as your originals.

Having an online storage solution eliminates this risk.  However, even if you keep your files online many experts think it is important to have a physical backup, just in case.

Achieving Impossible Music Dreams

What is the impossible dream of every singer and musician?  Maybe it is to perform in front of a live audience.  If only, it was that simple.  Maybe it’s to become a common household name, in their area.  Or maybe all over the world.  And, maybe it is that almighty recording contract.  First of all, you’re going to make sure that you have the right equipment with which to do the job.  If you’re a singer and don’t do musical instruments it may behoove you to pick one and take some lessons.  Good singers are a dime a dozen.  Singers that can play a musical instrument have a leg up on their competition... who don’t.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Afford To Make an Impression?

Making an impression is the only way that you’re going to get noticed.  Whether you need to buy new instruments, a new microphone, a new sound system, new clothes, some promo photos, or pay for lessons on that new musical instrument that you’re going to be playing… You’re going to need money. As a rule, starving artists are just that… Starving.  For food, for rent, for money in general.  And traditionally they have zero credit.  Thank goodness for sites like and other quick and easy loan sites, because without them, where would starving artists be?  Still starving apparently.   One of the beautiful things about sites like this is that it costs nothing to apply for that loan and that every time you make your payments on time, you are taking one more step toward building a credit rating for yourself or repairing a damaged one.

Where Do You Make Your  Money?

If you do have a job and you’re interested in breaking into the music industry, that job should be working with something that relates to that industry.  Getting a job at be recording studio, working in a store that deals with the sale of music and sound systems, even working at a club that features live music can sometimes get your foot in the door.  The more you get to know music people the more connections you can make that may possibly lead you to that one big connection that starts the ball rolling.

So, never say never if you can say maybe instead.  You just never know where that big break is going to come from or when.

Gigging on a Dime

“Gigging on a Dime”…I remember that song from the 80’s.  It was fantastic, wasn’t that Bon Jovi’s follow up to “Living on a Prayer”?  No?  I must be thinking of something else.  Oh, you mean actually gigging, with very little money.  Wow!  I was way off wasn’t I?  It would make a great title for a song though, wouldn’t it?

These days musicians are finding it more and more difficult to break into and onto the music scene, in the normal way.  It used to be (way, way back, like back around the time of Elvis, in the 50’s back) a singer or group could go in, cut a record and find channels to get airtime to get their single played.  That’s why you saw the rise of so many one hit wonders.  Tours were common, but you usually had several artists or groups playing together, in the same concert.  The day the music died – when Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper died, in the plane crash on February 3, 1959.  Also on this tour, but not on the plane were Waylon Jennings, and Dion DiMucci (of Dion and the Belmonts).  Today, you’re lucky to find known names, at a major concert.  You have the Headliner, and maybe a warm up band that has some kind of fame.

New Technology to Get Heard

Is there still hope for new and upcoming artists?  Absolutely.  One solution is right at your fingertips.  Make technology work for you.  There are a massive amounts of indie websites created every day, where new musicians have the opportunity to be heard world wide, rather than just local radio play.  Look at how many musicians are playing their material on alone.

But musicians are performers.  Ask any of them what gives them the biggest charge (aside from playing their own material) and most will tell you the thrill of playing in front of a live audience, where they can experience the enjoyment of their fans.

Investigate your Venue

So how do you get started on your concert tour?  Maybe you can start, with those Megabus Coupons you've been saving.  Cities of any kind of size will always have bars and nightclubs, with live entertainment.   A lot of these types of venues will accept new unsigned acts and allow them to perform.  Some will require an entertainment license (you will need to check what licenses may be required).  Be sure that before you book a venue to drop by and check it out first.  You don’t want to book a performance, in a place that either does not have a very good customer base, or is about to go out of business.  Also, be sure to know what the clientele is that frequent the venue.  There’s nothing worse than being a bubble gum pop singer and booking a show at a hardcore biker bar.   Also, make sure there is not some other major event happening that will take patrons away from your show.  Not a bad idea to find out if the staff is friendly or if the service is good.  And if you are expecting to get paid, ask around with other musicians how management is with following through on payment.  There is nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into a show, just to get stiffed by the owner.  It’s enough to make you want to throw your keyboard down the stairs!

Is Prince from Another Planet Still Relevant?

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n Roll, played four shows in three days at Madison Square Garden in June of 1972. Out of all the King's shows, not to mention all of the legendary Madison Square Garden concerts, these are regarded (in retrospect) as the last great performances put on by Presley, before he began to decline physically. Those shows have been captured and released by Sony Music in a 40th Anniversary CD and DVD combination box-set, called Prince from Another Planet.

It's Good to Be the King

The name comes from the headline of a glowing New York Times review of the '72 concerts. Vinyl albums of selected songs from that weekend were in stores in a shockingly short amount of time, but the new collection proves that the Prince from Another Planet concerts remains as relevant as Presley himself. As the box set proves, the back-story contains as much intrigue as it does music.

A Long Hiatus

His agent, Tom Parker, had kept him out of New York City for 15 years following poor reviews of his televised appearances on Jackie Gleason's and Ed Sullivan's programs in the late 1950s. When asked about it by the New York press, Elvis joked, "We had to wait our turn in order to get the building.  Couldn't get a good building in fifteen years." It was an obvious nod of respect toward Madison Square Garden, one of the great entertainment venues of all time.

Elvis had evolved considerably by 1972. He still liked to mix in what he called his "hard rock" songs, like Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes, but that MSG set list is stocked with a who's-who list of cover tunes. Elvis touched on everything from opera to country, from early blues influences like Lowell Fulsom to country contemporaries like Willie Nelson, with hints of Kris Kristofferson, Don Ho and Ike and Tina Turner mixed in as well. The DVD portion of the Prince from Another Planet box-set also includes rare footage of the MSG concert, shot from a fan's hand-held camera, bringing the King to life through the eyes of his fans.

Dylan is Coming!

The undisputed heavyweight of rock music culture is coming to perform one of the most anticipated Mohegan Sun Arena Concerts in a long, long time! Bob Dylan will be performing in September at the Mohegan Sun and bringing his “Never Ending Tour” to Connecticut. The arena inside of the Mohegan Sun Casino is a customizable venue that has been home to the Connecticut Sun since 2003 and has hosted numerous events with its adaptable type of configuration seating. The Mohegan Sun Arena is an awesome spot for a concert of this magnitude

Not Just your Average Casino

As of 2006, the seating can be configured into 5 common sports configurations; basketball, boxing, bowling, rodeo, ping pong. It also can be reconfigured to fit many types of concerts: regular, full house, center stage, and half house. The arena has won awards for being one of America's most modern concert venues and was awarded the 2008 and 2010 Country Music Award for "Casino of the Year". It was also ranked the 4th best venue by Billboard Magazine.

Never Ending Tour

Bob Dylan is an icon of rock music with his unpretentious vocals and hard hitting social and political poetry set to unforgettable music. His legacy spans some fifty years and seems to truly be never ending. Dylan has not succumbed to the traditional pitfalls of other musical talents. He has continued to produce record and perform in his style of unsentimental reality. His music is respected as an American legacy which will live on long after Bob has gone. His music touches everyone and there’s no one in the universe who doesn’t know the name of Bob Dylan! Bob Dylan is one of the last living spokespersons for life, love and the world we live in. Dylan is coming!

Streaming, Money, and Music Artists – What’s the Best Way To Get Paid?

The internet has complicated the world of music.  In the past, music was simple.  If you loved a song, you went to Tower Records to get your own copy.  It’s a lot different today.  And it might not be fair to the musicians out there.

Entitlement Mentality

Many people blame the payment issues on today’s entitlement generation.  Many of the music lovers assume that they don’t need to pay for things.  In fact, some even brag about how little music they do pay for – despite their growing collection of songs.  In addition, many simply stream their favorite songs using services like Spotify.  They argue that there is no use paying for something when they can get it for free.  Artists feel entirely different.  They think that free music is a violation of trade policies.  And it is also a threat to the music industry in general, causing more and more artists to take out emergency loans.

Where Should An Artist Look For Money

Does this mean that today’s musicians need to stop playing?  No.  Instead, they should get smart.  Some people will not put their music on services like Spotify.  Why?  This company does not pay a lot.  And the only avenue for money from streaming is usually ad dollars that come from popular youtube videos.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this service is good for new artists.  It helps them get discovered.  Unfortunately, getting discovered has a lot less to do with streaming and more to do with talent.


For the most part, musicians don’t make the money off their music.  Instead, the labels take home much of the payment.  For this reason, it is in the best interest of the artist to sign with a label.  Proper representation can get them the funding they need.  And it can help them increase iTunes downloads and more.

Be smart about getting paid as a musician today.

Bringing Dance to a Wider Audience

Give something away for free and lots of people are bound to show up. Put something on national television with a few big name celebrities; and no one will miss it. DVRs around the world have tuned in to record every episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’. People can’t wait to see their favorite sports figure, movie star, talk show host, grown up child of a celebrated pop duo, news analyst and previously unknowns in action while they strut their stuff and shake their booty for the entire world.

Even If You Never Cared For Dance

Even people that probably never would’ve turned on a dance show before are attracted to these shows. Despite the celebrities being part of the big draw there are some truly talented individuals on these shows. Everybody works hard; everybody deserves to win. But as we all know, there cannot be multiple winners. Some of those winners (and almost winners) will be appearing at the international dance festival at the closing feature of this summer’s Vail International Dance Festival entitled Dance Television. This closing feature takes place on the final day, August 11, and will be fun for all ages. That’s not the only thing going on in town. The entire area celebrates this annual summer festival. There’s something for everyone even if dance isn’t your thing!

Modern Dance; Ballet And…

As Robin Williams chanted in The Birdcage… “Martha Graham, Martha Graham”. And yes indeed, on August 9 Martha Graham’s Dance Crew will get in on the act. That and the New York City Ballet will celebrate their 40th anniversary with a tribute to their founder, George Balanchine (and his sometimes cohort Igor Stravinsky) July 31st. There will even be features on everything from ballroom dancing (Ballroom Spectacular August 10th) to hip-hop.

Tickets to this event are hard to get and have been on sale for several months; check online or you can buy tickets by phone. But get your tickets now.

Building a Closet of Concert Tees

I happen to live in a house with of lots of storage space including several walk in closets. Do you have any idea how many concerts one would have to attend in order to fill up a walk in closet with concert T shirts? Then again you could hit E Bay and see how many concert T shirts there are for sale today. Then again…

Let The Shopping Begin

Just for the fun of it, open up your laptop and go to and have a look around. Oh sure there are lots of T-Shirt sites for shopping online, but you have to start somewhere. And if you somehow manage to find what you are looking for right away—now you’ve got the rest of the day to shop for other things or pick out the rest of your wardrobe for this evening’s trip to the clubs. Concert tee shirts are pretty big deal, but they are so expensive when you buy them at the concert. I mean seriously, who can afford a decent seat (ticket) to get in, all the mandatory beers that you have to drink, and the cost of a T-Shirt?

Sure I Was At That Concert!

Never mind that the date on the T shirt was when you were still in grade school. If you’re going to buy concert T shirts with dates on them, and try to pass off the notion that you were actually there, you are going to have to be a little bit choosy with which concerts you pick. Wearing mom and dad’s Grateful Dead T-Shirt is cool and retro; but don’t try to tell one you were there. (Unless it was in your mother’s womb; which is an absolute possibility for some of you.)

And while we’re on the subject of T shirts; is it better to hang your tee shirts or fold them and put them in a drawer? You all know that I love me some Martha Stewart—so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Martha Stewart has online instructions for the correct way to fold a T shirt. Would you expect anything less?

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Music Venues

Indoor music venues are nice in inclement weather and under certain circumstances. A quick night out for example is the perfect time for an indoor concert. If you’re planning on making more than just a few hours out of it however you may want to consider the great outdoors and The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State.

Mother Nature At Her Finest

Couple music with the great outdoors and you have a winning combination. Festivals have exhibited that for a long time; and with all the amphitheaters scattered throughout the world, clearly festivals aren’t the only outdoor music venue. You can come for the concert or, if you like, do a little camping. You don’t even need a tent because you can rent one for a very small fee. Make a night of it or stay for 24 hours; it’s up to you. Since (as long as you’re on the campsite) alcohol is allowed, you may actually want to stay overnight and get a fresh, sober start in the morning. Safety first please.

Remember… You’re Outside

This part of the country can be extremely warm during the day so bring some shorts and a T-shirt just in case. But at night it can get downright chilly so be prepared. Rain gear and a warm jacket are always a smart choice if you’re staying any length of time. Use sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of hydration during the day for that hot afternoon sun; but at night you can settle into your tent and snuggle to keep warm. No campfires are allowed. Even a little hat might not be a bad idea for the chilly evenings. If you’re more comfortable in an RV there are nearby locations where you can park your home on wheels.

You’re not exactly roughing it so don’t worry that you won’t be able to take a hot shower, have flushing toilets and potable water. All of this is provided along with security. Outdoor concerts at this location have consisted of Tom Petty; Rush; The Allman Brothers; Dave Matthews Band; Pearl Jam and many others. A schedule for concerts this year can be found on line.

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