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Types of Sheet Music


Sheet music – this can be used as individual pieces or works by one composer. And modern sheet music may also come in several different formats. And when the separate instrumental and vocal parts of a musical work are printed together; the result in it was called a score. And score comes in many different formats. Just like the follow:

  • Full score – this is a large book that shows the music of all instruments and voices in a composition that was lined up in a fixed order.
  • Miniature score - this is like a full score but it was much reduced in size.
  • Study score – this is sometimes the same size as a miniature score and it was part of an anthology for academic study.
  • Piano score – this is a more or less literal transcription for piano of a piece intended for many performing parts, most especially orchestral works.
  • Vocal score – this type of score is a reduction of the full score of a vocal work to show the vocal parts on their staves and the orchestral parts in a piano reduction underneath the vocal parts.
  • Choral score – this is the type of score that contains the choral parts with not accompaniment.
  • Organ score – this is usually in association with the church music for voices and orchestra, it is also sometimes intended by the arranger to substitute for the orchestra in performance if necessary.
  • Short score – this is a reduction of work for many instruments in just a few staves.

Types Of Music


Music is every people’s life. But it comes in different types and genres. Known more about music and try, you might want to learn some of its type.

Classical music – this is complex music form that requires a high musical skills. This kind of music needs some proper training if you really want to learn. This type of music needs to maintain the complex relationship between the emotional flows.

Rock Music – This has been originated in the rock and roll era of 1950s. Its vocals are accompanied by guitar, drum and bass.

Metal music – this type of music was emerged after the world war. It has a heavy melody that influenced by the structure of the songs. This is also known as information music.

Hip-hop music – this type of music always includes the use of instruments such as guitar, violin, fiddle, piano, bass drums. The bass is the main instrument in this type of music. And it can be use in different intensities just to emote the feelings of anger, pride and others as well.

Wedding music – this is the type of music that can be use in the wedding ceremonies. It can be classical, according to the tastes of the people. But, some people just prefer a country melodies and others opt for a classical music.

Trance Music – This is the type of music that are usually played in club houses and discotheques.  This has been characterized with fast tempo and repetitious beats of the percussion. This gives a hypnotic effect on the souls of listeners.

Jazz – is a type of music that featured a strong and complex rhythms. This is a rhythmic music with a forward momentum that was called swing.

Folk music – this is a traditional music that was handed down from generations in every culture. This also reflects the emotions of common laity. It also shows upheavals that are lies among various classes of people. And it also portrays their struggle for survival and their culture.

Techno music – this is also known as fusion music. It was form of electronic dance music that features fast beats.

Opera music – this is the combination of theatrical art and musical invention that was specifically played in the theaters. It also has a great appeal for its delightful orchestral accompaniment.

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