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Colour of War Updates to DVD

While no one really wants to relive their high school history lessons at home, Colour of War is a different story. Powerful and compelling, with actual imagery from the Second World War, Colour of War offers an amazing look at the events our world endured.

A Look at the Second World War in Colour

Most all of the footage from the Second World War is in black and white, but Colour of War offers completely colored film, derived from a variety of sources. Though not as comprehensive as it predecessor, World at War, the mere fact that this collection is in color offers it the advantage of more striking images. Because it is a documentary on war, there are going disturbing images, and most of it is previously unseen, so watching it will take some mental preparation.

DVD Quality

Because the footage on this DVD is very old, dating back to the Second World War, the quality has its ups and downs. The color footage from that era is mostly experimental, so it contains inherent faults, but the collection’s transfer form VHS to DVD has been virtually flawless. Clarity is good though, although the footage does suffer from focus issues a bit. Again, because the footage is from the early stages of colored film, some parts pay appear to be closer to black and white than the color we are accustomed to. Despite any disadvantages the DVD may have due to its age, Colour of War DVD offers a look back into history that there is little other opportunity to see. If you can bring yourself to stomach the graphic imagery of war, then this DVD will be a valuable and comprehensive history lesson than any professor or patriot will want to own and share.

Rocking Your Way to Good Health

For many who have chosen to lead a fit lifestyle, music is an essential element to their daily workout routines. Which kind of music makes you burn calories is of course highly subjective, but almost any music will provide the rhythm which makes repetitive motion exercises more endurable, if not more enjoyable. If that means doing yoga to heavy metal, or cardio to hip-hop, it all boils down to personal motivation.

Strong Back Beat

"Music is addictive," said Anna Sablik, a personal trainer and endurance coach at the Denver Athletic Club, who admits to preferring country music by bands such as Rascal Flatts. "It can make a workout go by so much faster and help you overcome a mood. If you're feeling groggy, just hit a fast song and you automatically feel so much better."

Music By Any Other Name

Her colleague at the DAT, trainer Ian Abeyto, agrees but prefers classic music as an accompaniment to his cardio workouts, such as Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. His explanation is simple yet beyond reproach: "Classical music can really get you in the zone." But then again, so can any other kind of music, from rock to jazz to reggae. Inspired to move by the jams they love, people will get into their workouts more and stick with them for longer periods of time.

There are also a number of website that have caught on the music-for-fitness trend, such as or, which charge fees to customers who wish to download and string together a series of songs just for their workout sessions. Another,, offers video downloads for trainers to use in their classes. The idea is that people respond to visual images that show them the moves - that's why so many people hire a personal trainer to begin with.

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