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Finding Sheet Music on a Budget

Finding sheet music used to be difficult and time-consuming but with the Internet and the many available and inexpensive online sites, sheet music is not hard to find. No matter what you’re looking for—be it the latest hits or classical songs, you will find what you’re looking for online. Often the prices are cheap and in some cases you can get them for free.

Check out These Sites

Sites such as Sheet Music Direct and Music have a large selection of sheet music; however, they do not sell hardcopies but music that is in digital form. You can buy a digital copy but you will need to pay for printed sheet music, at least for a one time use. To do this, you will need a special plug-in for your browser. Doing it this way makes the process inexpensive. Another online site that offers sheet music is 8 Notes—Free Sheet Music. Here you will find quite a selection of free downloadable sheet music and lessons. You will find classical, film, Christmas and other types of music.

Other Sites

Still another online site that has sheet music is Musica Viva. This site has free sheet music downloads for violin, flute, piano and guitar. There is no payment required here; however, if you want to download the music, you will need to sign up and be a member, for $30 a year. Other ways to get inexpensive sheet music is by talking with former band and orchestra students, at your local library in the 780s of the Dewey Decimal System, or by joining a Sheet Music Club or a Yahoo group, eBay or subscribe to Sheet Music Magazine.

When printing off your sheet music, don't forget to buy paper and ink, such as xerox 108r00606.

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