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Streaming, Money, and Music Artists – What’s the Best Way To Get Paid?

The internet has complicated the world of music.  In the past, music was simple.  If you loved a song, you went to Tower Records to get your own copy.  It’s a lot different today.  And it might not be fair to the musicians out there.

Entitlement Mentality

Many people blame the payment issues on today’s entitlement generation.  Many of the music lovers assume that they don’t need to pay for things.  In fact, some even brag about how little music they do pay for – despite their growing collection of songs.  In addition, many simply stream their favorite songs using services like Spotify.  They argue that there is no use paying for something when they can get it for free.  Artists feel entirely different.  They think that free music is a violation of trade policies.  And it is also a threat to the music industry in general, causing more and more artists to take out emergency loans.

Where Should An Artist Look For Money

Does this mean that today’s musicians need to stop playing?  No.  Instead, they should get smart.  Some people will not put their music on services like Spotify.  Why?  This company does not pay a lot.  And the only avenue for money from streaming is usually ad dollars that come from popular youtube videos.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this service is good for new artists.  It helps them get discovered.  Unfortunately, getting discovered has a lot less to do with streaming and more to do with talent.


For the most part, musicians don’t make the money off their music.  Instead, the labels take home much of the payment.  For this reason, it is in the best interest of the artist to sign with a label.  Proper representation can get them the funding they need.  And it can help them increase iTunes downloads and more.

Be smart about getting paid as a musician today.

Bringing Dance to a Wider Audience

Give something away for free and lots of people are bound to show up. Put something on national television with a few big name celebrities; and no one will miss it. DVRs around the world have tuned in to record every episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’. People can’t wait to see their favorite sports figure, movie star, talk show host, grown up child of a celebrated pop duo, news analyst and previously unknowns in action while they strut their stuff and shake their booty for the entire world.

Even If You Never Cared For Dance

Even people that probably never would’ve turned on a dance show before are attracted to these shows. Despite the celebrities being part of the big draw there are some truly talented individuals on these shows. Everybody works hard; everybody deserves to win. But as we all know, there cannot be multiple winners. Some of those winners (and almost winners) will be appearing at the international dance festival at the closing feature of this summer’s Vail International Dance Festival entitled Dance Television. This closing feature takes place on the final day, August 11, and will be fun for all ages. That’s not the only thing going on in town. The entire area celebrates this annual summer festival. There’s something for everyone even if dance isn’t your thing!

Modern Dance; Ballet And…

As Robin Williams chanted in The Birdcage… “Martha Graham, Martha Graham”. And yes indeed, on August 9 Martha Graham’s Dance Crew will get in on the act. That and the New York City Ballet will celebrate their 40th anniversary with a tribute to their founder, George Balanchine (and his sometimes cohort Igor Stravinsky) July 31st. There will even be features on everything from ballroom dancing (Ballroom Spectacular August 10th) to hip-hop.

Tickets to this event are hard to get and have been on sale for several months; check online or you can buy tickets by phone. But get your tickets now.

Building a Closet of Concert Tees

I happen to live in a house with of lots of storage space including several walk in closets. Do you have any idea how many concerts one would have to attend in order to fill up a walk in closet with concert T shirts? Then again you could hit E Bay and see how many concert T shirts there are for sale today. Then again…

Let The Shopping Begin

Just for the fun of it, open up your laptop and go to and have a look around. Oh sure there are lots of T-Shirt sites for shopping online, but you have to start somewhere. And if you somehow manage to find what you are looking for right away—now you’ve got the rest of the day to shop for other things or pick out the rest of your wardrobe for this evening’s trip to the clubs. Concert tee shirts are pretty big deal, but they are so expensive when you buy them at the concert. I mean seriously, who can afford a decent seat (ticket) to get in, all the mandatory beers that you have to drink, and the cost of a T-Shirt?

Sure I Was At That Concert!

Never mind that the date on the T shirt was when you were still in grade school. If you’re going to buy concert T shirts with dates on them, and try to pass off the notion that you were actually there, you are going to have to be a little bit choosy with which concerts you pick. Wearing mom and dad’s Grateful Dead T-Shirt is cool and retro; but don’t try to tell one you were there. (Unless it was in your mother’s womb; which is an absolute possibility for some of you.)

And while we’re on the subject of T shirts; is it better to hang your tee shirts or fold them and put them in a drawer? You all know that I love me some Martha Stewart—so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Martha Stewart has online instructions for the correct way to fold a T shirt. Would you expect anything less?

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