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Is Prince from Another Planet Still Relevant?

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n Roll, played four shows in three days at Madison Square Garden in June of 1972. Out of all the King's shows, not to mention all of the legendary Madison Square Garden concerts, these are regarded (in retrospect) as the last great performances put on by Presley, before he began to decline physically. Those shows have been captured and released by Sony Music in a 40th Anniversary CD and DVD combination box-set, called Prince from Another Planet.

It's Good to Be the King

The name comes from the headline of a glowing New York Times review of the '72 concerts. Vinyl albums of selected songs from that weekend were in stores in a shockingly short amount of time, but the new collection proves that the Prince from Another Planet concerts remains as relevant as Presley himself. As the box set proves, the back-story contains as much intrigue as it does music.

A Long Hiatus

His agent, Tom Parker, had kept him out of New York City for 15 years following poor reviews of his televised appearances on Jackie Gleason's and Ed Sullivan's programs in the late 1950s. When asked about it by the New York press, Elvis joked, "We had to wait our turn in order to get the building.  Couldn't get a good building in fifteen years." It was an obvious nod of respect toward Madison Square Garden, one of the great entertainment venues of all time.

Elvis had evolved considerably by 1972. He still liked to mix in what he called his "hard rock" songs, like Heartbreak Hotel, Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes, but that MSG set list is stocked with a who's-who list of cover tunes. Elvis touched on everything from opera to country, from early blues influences like Lowell Fulsom to country contemporaries like Willie Nelson, with hints of Kris Kristofferson, Don Ho and Ike and Tina Turner mixed in as well. The DVD portion of the Prince from Another Planet box-set also includes rare footage of the MSG concert, shot from a fan's hand-held camera, bringing the King to life through the eyes of his fans.

Dylan is Coming!

The undisputed heavyweight of rock music culture is coming to perform one of the most anticipated Mohegan Sun Arena Concerts in a long, long time! Bob Dylan will be performing in September at the Mohegan Sun and bringing his “Never Ending Tour” to Connecticut. The arena inside of the Mohegan Sun Casino is a customizable venue that has been home to the Connecticut Sun since 2003 and has hosted numerous events with its adaptable type of configuration seating. The Mohegan Sun Arena is an awesome spot for a concert of this magnitude

Not Just your Average Casino

As of 2006, the seating can be configured into 5 common sports configurations; basketball, boxing, bowling, rodeo, ping pong. It also can be reconfigured to fit many types of concerts: regular, full house, center stage, and half house. The arena has won awards for being one of America's most modern concert venues and was awarded the 2008 and 2010 Country Music Award for "Casino of the Year". It was also ranked the 4th best venue by Billboard Magazine.

Never Ending Tour

Bob Dylan is an icon of rock music with his unpretentious vocals and hard hitting social and political poetry set to unforgettable music. His legacy spans some fifty years and seems to truly be never ending. Dylan has not succumbed to the traditional pitfalls of other musical talents. He has continued to produce record and perform in his style of unsentimental reality. His music is respected as an American legacy which will live on long after Bob has gone. His music touches everyone and there’s no one in the universe who doesn’t know the name of Bob Dylan! Bob Dylan is one of the last living spokespersons for life, love and the world we live in. Dylan is coming!

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