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Achieving Impossible Music Dreams

What is the impossible dream of every singer and musician?  Maybe it is to perform in front of a live audience.  If only, it was that simple.  Maybe it’s to become a common household name, in their area.  Or maybe all over the world.  And, maybe it is that almighty recording contract.  First of all, you’re going to make sure that you have the right equipment with which to do the job.  If you’re a singer and don’t do musical instruments it may behoove you to pick one and take some lessons.  Good singers are a dime a dozen.  Singers that can play a musical instrument have a leg up on their competition... who don’t.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Afford To Make an Impression?

Making an impression is the only way that you’re going to get noticed.  Whether you need to buy new instruments, a new microphone, a new sound system, new clothes, some promo photos, or pay for lessons on that new musical instrument that you’re going to be playing… You’re going to need money. As a rule, starving artists are just that… Starving.  For food, for rent, for money in general.  And traditionally they have zero credit.  Thank goodness for sites like and other quick and easy loan sites, because without them, where would starving artists be?  Still starving apparently.   One of the beautiful things about sites like this is that it costs nothing to apply for that loan and that every time you make your payments on time, you are taking one more step toward building a credit rating for yourself or repairing a damaged one.

Where Do You Make Your  Money?

If you do have a job and you’re interested in breaking into the music industry, that job should be working with something that relates to that industry.  Getting a job at be recording studio, working in a store that deals with the sale of music and sound systems, even working at a club that features live music can sometimes get your foot in the door.  The more you get to know music people the more connections you can make that may possibly lead you to that one big connection that starts the ball rolling.

So, never say never if you can say maybe instead.  You just never know where that big break is going to come from or when.

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