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Bringing Dance to a Wider Audience

Give something away for free and lots of people are bound to show up. Put something on national television with a few big name celebrities; and no one will miss it. DVRs around the world have tuned in to record every episode of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’. People can’t wait to see their favorite sports figure, movie star, talk show host, grown up child of a celebrated pop duo, news analyst and previously unknowns in action while they strut their stuff and shake their booty for the entire world.

Even If You Never Cared For Dance

Even people that probably never would’ve turned on a dance show before are attracted to these shows. Despite the celebrities being part of the big draw there are some truly talented individuals on these shows. Everybody works hard; everybody deserves to win. But as we all know, there cannot be multiple winners. Some of those winners (and almost winners) will be appearing at the international dance festival at the closing feature of this summer’s Vail International Dance Festival entitled Dance Television. This closing feature takes place on the final day, August 11, and will be fun for all ages. That’s not the only thing going on in town. The entire area celebrates this annual summer festival. There’s something for everyone even if dance isn’t your thing!

Modern Dance; Ballet And…

As Robin Williams chanted in The Birdcage… “Martha Graham, Martha Graham”. And yes indeed, on August 9 Martha Graham’s Dance Crew will get in on the act. That and the New York City Ballet will celebrate their 40th anniversary with a tribute to their founder, George Balanchine (and his sometimes cohort Igor Stravinsky) July 31st. There will even be features on everything from ballroom dancing (Ballroom Spectacular August 10th) to hip-hop.

Tickets to this event are hard to get and have been on sale for several months; check online or you can buy tickets by phone. But get your tickets now.

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