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Building a Closet of Concert Tees

I happen to live in a house with of lots of storage space including several walk in closets. Do you have any idea how many concerts one would have to attend in order to fill up a walk in closet with concert T shirts? Then again you could hit E Bay and see how many concert T shirts there are for sale today. Then again…

Let The Shopping Begin

Just for the fun of it, open up your laptop and go to and have a look around. Oh sure there are lots of T-Shirt sites for shopping online, but you have to start somewhere. And if you somehow manage to find what you are looking for right away—now you’ve got the rest of the day to shop for other things or pick out the rest of your wardrobe for this evening’s trip to the clubs. Concert tee shirts are pretty big deal, but they are so expensive when you buy them at the concert. I mean seriously, who can afford a decent seat (ticket) to get in, all the mandatory beers that you have to drink, and the cost of a T-Shirt?

Sure I Was At That Concert!

Never mind that the date on the T shirt was when you were still in grade school. If you’re going to buy concert T shirts with dates on them, and try to pass off the notion that you were actually there, you are going to have to be a little bit choosy with which concerts you pick. Wearing mom and dad’s Grateful Dead T-Shirt is cool and retro; but don’t try to tell one you were there. (Unless it was in your mother’s womb; which is an absolute possibility for some of you.)

And while we’re on the subject of T shirts; is it better to hang your tee shirts or fold them and put them in a drawer? You all know that I love me some Martha Stewart—so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Martha Stewart has online instructions for the correct way to fold a T shirt. Would you expect anything less?

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