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Backing Up Your Music On A Secure Server

broken CDCollecting music has really changed in the past few years.  Long gone are many formats of collecting music, only a few purists still really have a substantial collection of vinyl these days and although the format has seen a resurgence, it is still not the primary way most people buy their music. CD’s are still around but they are nowhere near as popular as they were ten years ago.  CD’s are bulky and not as durable as they once seemed.  I’ve personally managed to scratch, break and even warp a few of them.  The only thing that is truly indestructible is the security sticker that you have to remove to get them out of the case.

How Music Is Sold

Today’s music collectors and enthusiasts are mostly collecting digitally.  MP3’s, WMA’s, WAV’s, FLACs and SHN’s are common file formats for collecting music, with MP3s being the most popular. The rise of the iPod MP3 player helped lead the way in making digital music the preferred way to listen to music.  The popularity of computers and the internet gave digital music files an easy way to be distributed.  Early on, programs like Napster were an underground and illegal way to trade music, but today reputable sites like iTunes are the way most of us buy our music.  The music is reasonably priced, but not free.  If you are a music lover and have spent a lot of time and money building your digital collection of music you should also spend some time finding a way to secure that valuable collection of music.

Backups Are Important

Music files are sometimes protected.  This keeps them from being copied and passed around, or even resold.  If you have music files that are encrypted this way, you must keep your original files safe and secure, because you can’t make a playable copy.  However many services like iTunes will let you download them again, in the event that you lose them.  Also, you can authorize them to play on a set number of devices.  If you have music files which can be backed up, you should back them up and store them securely.

There is more than one data backup solution when it comes to storing your files.  You can burn them to CD’s or DVD’s and store them away, but remember, discs are not as durable as they are advertised to be.  You can buy an external hard drive and copy your music files over to it, which is in actuality neither safe nor secure, drives fail regularly and someone could easily just walk off with your collection.  Or you can store them online in the cloud.  By far, the cloud is the most secure method of storage.  Your cloud storage provider will have backups of your stored data, should anything happen.  With any other method, you are ultimately responsible for safely storing your collection.  Should anything happen such as theft or a fire, flood or other disaster your collection could be lost, especially if your backups are stored in the same place as your originals.

Having an online storage solution eliminates this risk.  However, even if you keep your files online many experts think it is important to have a physical backup, just in case.

Achieving Impossible Music Dreams

What is the impossible dream of every singer and musician?  Maybe it is to perform in front of a live audience.  If only, it was that simple.  Maybe it’s to become a common household name, in their area.  Or maybe all over the world.  And, maybe it is that almighty recording contract.  First of all, you’re going to make sure that you have the right equipment with which to do the job.  If you’re a singer and don’t do musical instruments it may behoove you to pick one and take some lessons.  Good singers are a dime a dozen.  Singers that can play a musical instrument have a leg up on their competition... who don’t.

What Do You Do When You Can’t Afford To Make an Impression?

Making an impression is the only way that you’re going to get noticed.  Whether you need to buy new instruments, a new microphone, a new sound system, new clothes, some promo photos, or pay for lessons on that new musical instrument that you’re going to be playing… You’re going to need money. As a rule, starving artists are just that… Starving.  For food, for rent, for money in general.  And traditionally they have zero credit.  Thank goodness for sites like and other quick and easy loan sites, because without them, where would starving artists be?  Still starving apparently.   One of the beautiful things about sites like this is that it costs nothing to apply for that loan and that every time you make your payments on time, you are taking one more step toward building a credit rating for yourself or repairing a damaged one.

Where Do You Make Your  Money?

If you do have a job and you’re interested in breaking into the music industry, that job should be working with something that relates to that industry.  Getting a job at be recording studio, working in a store that deals with the sale of music and sound systems, even working at a club that features live music can sometimes get your foot in the door.  The more you get to know music people the more connections you can make that may possibly lead you to that one big connection that starts the ball rolling.

So, never say never if you can say maybe instead.  You just never know where that big break is going to come from or when.

Dylan is Coming!

The undisputed heavyweight of rock music culture is coming to perform one of the most anticipated Mohegan Sun Arena Concerts in a long, long time! Bob Dylan will be performing in September at the Mohegan Sun and bringing his “Never Ending Tour” to Connecticut. The arena inside of the Mohegan Sun Casino is a customizable venue that has been home to the Connecticut Sun since 2003 and has hosted numerous events with its adaptable type of configuration seating. The Mohegan Sun Arena is an awesome spot for a concert of this magnitude

Not Just your Average Casino

As of 2006, the seating can be configured into 5 common sports configurations; basketball, boxing, bowling, rodeo, ping pong. It also can be reconfigured to fit many types of concerts: regular, full house, center stage, and half house. The arena has won awards for being one of America's most modern concert venues and was awarded the 2008 and 2010 Country Music Award for "Casino of the Year". It was also ranked the 4th best venue by Billboard Magazine.

Never Ending Tour

Bob Dylan is an icon of rock music with his unpretentious vocals and hard hitting social and political poetry set to unforgettable music. His legacy spans some fifty years and seems to truly be never ending. Dylan has not succumbed to the traditional pitfalls of other musical talents. He has continued to produce record and perform in his style of unsentimental reality. His music is respected as an American legacy which will live on long after Bob has gone. His music touches everyone and there’s no one in the universe who doesn’t know the name of Bob Dylan! Bob Dylan is one of the last living spokespersons for life, love and the world we live in. Dylan is coming!

Streaming, Money, and Music Artists – What’s the Best Way To Get Paid?

The internet has complicated the world of music.  In the past, music was simple.  If you loved a song, you went to Tower Records to get your own copy.  It’s a lot different today.  And it might not be fair to the musicians out there.

Entitlement Mentality

Many people blame the payment issues on today’s entitlement generation.  Many of the music lovers assume that they don’t need to pay for things.  In fact, some even brag about how little music they do pay for – despite their growing collection of songs.  In addition, many simply stream their favorite songs using services like Spotify.  They argue that there is no use paying for something when they can get it for free.  Artists feel entirely different.  They think that free music is a violation of trade policies.  And it is also a threat to the music industry in general, causing more and more artists to take out emergency loans.

Where Should An Artist Look For Money

Does this mean that today’s musicians need to stop playing?  No.  Instead, they should get smart.  Some people will not put their music on services like Spotify.  Why?  This company does not pay a lot.  And the only avenue for money from streaming is usually ad dollars that come from popular youtube videos.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this service is good for new artists.  It helps them get discovered.  Unfortunately, getting discovered has a lot less to do with streaming and more to do with talent.


For the most part, musicians don’t make the money off their music.  Instead, the labels take home much of the payment.  For this reason, it is in the best interest of the artist to sign with a label.  Proper representation can get them the funding they need.  And it can help them increase iTunes downloads and more.

Be smart about getting paid as a musician today.

Streaming The Halftime Show

When you're at the game watching the Super Bowl you might have an opportunity to show all of the people around the world the Super Bowl. If you are thinking of streaming halftime show then you need to be sure that you have plenty of information so that you know you were able to do that. The first thing you should do is make sure that your cell phone is working correctly and that you have all of the applications needed in order to stream the halftime show life. Then when you are ready you can start sharing all of the wonderful things you are viewing with your friends and family.

Super Bowl 2013 Getting Super Bowl 2013 information is not going to be very difficult because when he gets time for football season all of the football websites start becoming live and many new ones are created so that all of the fans of football are able to start reading more about their favorite team. The Super Bowl line is also a wonderful way for you to learn all about the predictions of the upcoming season. Another great place to find out additional information about the Super Bowl is Wikipedia. All you need to do is simply type in Wikipedia: Super Bowl and you will get plenty of information so that you can share with your friends.

Hosting A Party While Attending The Super Bowl If you are in a situation where you have a special suite at the Super Bowl you might consider hosting a party for all of your friends and family to attend that can get a Super Bowl ticket. Getting a ticket will guarantee them a fabulous time in your suite and you can also have your suite catered so you have not only the halftime show but you will also have a catered party which can be a huge hit.

The Super Bowl is going to be really cool and the halftime shows are always something to look forward to. Being able to show the friends and family that were not able to get a ticket what you are seeing is going to be really cool for them.

Streaming New Radio

Are you tired of the same boring stations you listen to daily in the car?  You are not alone.  Monotony will only increase your boredom.  Instead of suffering, spice up your ride with diversity from some of the newest radio stations.  Here are some ideas.


Pandora radio is one of the best ways to listen to new radio.  You can stream Pandora from anywhere today.  All you need is an internet connection.  Most people like Pandora at the office or in their car.  They enjoy the variety of stations and the minimal commercials.  Also, Pandora is very good at finding the music you like.  Each station is catered to your needs and tastes.  Plus, you can choose a station by genre, song, time period, or artist.  In addition, you can also combine stations for a nice custom mix.

I Heart Radio

Another way to stream new radio is with “I Heart Radio”.  This is a top app on many phones today.  When you download it, you can connect to the live feed from a variety of music stations.  Many people love popular stations like KIIS FM.  However, they cannot connect to it where they live.  Thanks to the internet, connecting to this station is easy.  Download this popular app today and enjoy new music instantly.

Talk Radio

Another idea for your streaming pleasure is talk radio.  There are several interesting stations on your local channels.  Plus, you can get satellite radio and connect to a large variety.  You can also stream pod casts from your iPhone or iTouch.  Either way, you can listen to news archives, comedy shows, sports radio, and more.  This type of radio is extremely popular for many people.  It is easy to find a talk program that interests you.  And it is often a nice change from the same song you have been hearing over and over again on the radio.

With all of the technology out there, it is easier than ever to find the music you love.  Invest in the right apps and find the radio stations that will make your drive more enjoyable.

Becoming A YouTube Talent

YouTube is one of the best places you can ever get exposed. If you are trying to get famous and show the entire world your talents then you need to be sure you take the time to do everything correctly. One of the first things you need to do is determine whether or not your talent is going to be good enough for you to viewers. It takes someone that is extremely talented to make the viewers of you to fall in love. So you need to really spend some time on your videos before you start to upload them to YouTube.

Getting Your Videos On YouTube

Not only do you need to get your videos on YouTube, but you also need to be sure that you are on all of the major social networking sites. Then you need to be sure everything is linked together so if you put something on twitter all of your posts get automatically posted to all of your different sites. That is the perfect way to announce that you have a video on YouTube. Then we need to do is start socializing online a few hours each day so that you can gain interest from different groups of people around the world. That is very important for your exposure. Another thing that is really cool to do is get your friends and family involved so that they can help spread the word about you and your wonderful talent on YouTube.

Getting Your Video Downloaded

Something you might take into consideration when you start out is helping people learn how to download your video. As you start getting popular on YouTube videos will start being converted into MP3s from your account. That is something that is very normal because people like to put videos on all of their electronic gadgets. Be sure you let everyone know that they need to have the videos downloaded with safe software from YouTube. That is a great way to start helping your exposure when you can inform people on how to do that because some people are pretty new to YouTube and do not know that they are able to download the videos.

It will take some time before you become a YouTube talent, but you need to stay at it and trust that your talent will take you to the top so that you meet all of the head people in the entertainment industry that are interested in your talent.

The End of Hair bands and Head banging

It’s the 21st century, so let’s get real. It is the end of hair bands and head banging. That is so last year. Actually, it is so 30 years ago! So if you are from that era, let it be known that those are not done anymore. And if your hair is thinning, it makes those things even harder to enjoy. So it is a good idea to watch other people do it, but it definitely is harder to do with balding or thinning hair. But don’t beat yourself up, you can still enjoy rock and heavy metal music and put a headband in your hair, and live in a little bit of nostalgia. At least for a few minutes.

Hair Restoration Restores The Past

When you are ready to get those long locks back that love hair bands and head banging, then it is time to consider the experts at Clive clinics in New Zealand. They have proven methods and techniques to make your hair grow back thick, full, and ready to take on the world. Get back those hair locks that you loved head banging with to your favorite rock bands in concert. Look like you did when you were younger, and enjoy the awesomeness you were once known for. For you ladies, put on those headbands and get down to the fashion mainstream like you once did. With full, flowing locks, it is possible to be as hip and fashionable like you used to be. Re-grow your hair with Clive and you will regain your confidence, sense of style, and your edge. Clive has the methods people want and need to re-grow hair. Go on their website and see how they can help you to grow a thick full head of hair like you want. See results from past clients and check out their testimonials. Then book a consultation with them today so they can begin the re-growth process of hair re-growth for you. Hair restoration can help restore the past; you will feel like a diva and a rocker and just awesome.

Once you have gotten your confidence back, it is time to break out the metal bands and put on the head bands. You will feel like your old self again, and that is a very good thing. You are so cool, you’re hot, so rock on!

The Top Canadian Music Artists Today

Music is a huge part of our lives. We listen to it all day long on our iPods and phones, buy and download CD’s by the millions and some people will pay any price to see their favorite artist on stage. Canada has long been a producer of some fantastic musicians as it continues to be.


The music of Canada has reflected the great diversity that shaped this country. Influences from the Aboriginals, British and the French have made unique contributions to the musical heritage of Canada. Canada’s music industry has produced many internationally renowned Canadian artists and developed quite a musical infrastructure which includes church halls, chamber halls, conservatories, academies, performing arts centers, record companies, radio stations, television music video channels. The influence of Canadian music was also shaped by American artists due to the close proximity and migration between the two countries. Since the early 50’s, Canada has produced some of the best popular and classical music in the world.

We’re here to stay

With its rich heritage in music, the Canadian music scene continues to strengthen its position in the world of music. So many famous musicians have sprung from Canada. Back in the sixties, a widely popular group known as the Guess Who; a Winnipeg band topped the charts with their song “American Woman” and many others. Not to mention acts like Bryan Adams, Neil Young and Corey Hart who was struggling to pay rent in a Montreal apartment before gaining huge success with his song “Sunglasses at Night. But who are the hot performers today? Well, how about Celine Dion, a Quebec born singer/songwriter who has not only won a Grammy but a Juno award for her pop performances as well is an accomplished songwriter and has even dabbled in acting. The ever popular crooner Michael Buble, originally from Burnaby, B.C., a suburb of Vancouver, has also won a Grammy and Juno award and his first album topped the charts in Canada, U.S. and The United Kingdom. Nickleback, a post grunge band hails from Hanna, Alberta. They are now based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Of course we can’t forget teen heartthrob Justin Bieber who was discovered by American singer Usher. Justin is originally from London, Ontario but grew up mostly in Stratford. There are so many more hot musicians like Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain and The Tragically Hip.

Protecting Yourself from Illegal Downloading Charges

Thanks to the internet, millions are able to enjoy the ease of downloading their favorite media files to their computers. Whether it’s a single song, a full album or the latest episode of their favorite television show, people are downloading files by the millions, it’s more important than ever before to be vigilant about where you download from.


Get smart about where you download


Back in the late ‘90s when music files were first downloaded (and before the recording industry caught on), Napster was the go-to music downloading software, giving users all the media files they could dream of completely free. But the online music-sharing world has changed a lot since then, with pay sites like iTunes and Rhapsody becoming the most popular music download programs that are currently used. And the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from illegal downloading charges is to make sure that whatever file you’re downloading, is not copyrighted (or was purchased by whomever you’re downloading it from). If you use a program like Limewire, you can ensure you never download an illegal file by navigating to the "Security" tab in the Options menu and checking the box that says "Don't let me download or upload files copyright owners request not be shared."


Avoid sharing files on peer-to-peer sites


One of the easiest ways for authorities to catch anyone illegally downloading copyrighted media files is on peer-to-peer sites like Kazaa, Frostwire and Limewire. In 2010, Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found guilty of downloading and distributing 24 songs using Kazaa and was ordered to pay $1.5 million for copyright infringement damages (totaling $62,500 per song). Criminal attorneys have been kept busy thanks to these peer-to-peer programs, so make sure you avoid them if you’re serious about avoiding any illegally downloading music charges.


Downloading music, movies and TV episodes are one of the most tempting lures of the internet. By making sure you use the right program, and making sure to keep an eye out for copyrighted files, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of downloadable media without fear of any criminal repercussions.

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