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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Music Venues

Indoor music venues are nice in inclement weather and under certain circumstances. A quick night out for example is the perfect time for an indoor concert. If you’re planning on making more than just a few hours out of it however you may want to consider the great outdoors and The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State.

Mother Nature At Her Finest

Couple music with the great outdoors and you have a winning combination. Festivals have exhibited that for a long time; and with all the amphitheaters scattered throughout the world, clearly festivals aren’t the only outdoor music venue. You can come for the concert or, if you like, do a little camping. You don’t even need a tent because you can rent one for a very small fee. Make a night of it or stay for 24 hours; it’s up to you. Since (as long as you’re on the campsite) alcohol is allowed, you may actually want to stay overnight and get a fresh, sober start in the morning. Safety first please.

Remember… You’re Outside

This part of the country can be extremely warm during the day so bring some shorts and a T-shirt just in case. But at night it can get downright chilly so be prepared. Rain gear and a warm jacket are always a smart choice if you’re staying any length of time. Use sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of hydration during the day for that hot afternoon sun; but at night you can settle into your tent and snuggle to keep warm. No campfires are allowed. Even a little hat might not be a bad idea for the chilly evenings. If you’re more comfortable in an RV there are nearby locations where you can park your home on wheels.

You’re not exactly roughing it so don’t worry that you won’t be able to take a hot shower, have flushing toilets and potable water. All of this is provided along with security. Outdoor concerts at this location have consisted of Tom Petty; Rush; The Allman Brothers; Dave Matthews Band; Pearl Jam and many others. A schedule for concerts this year can be found on line.

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