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Streaming, Money, and Music Artists – What’s the Best Way To Get Paid?

The internet has complicated the world of music.  In the past, music was simple.  If you loved a song, you went to Tower Records to get your own copy.  It’s a lot different today.  And it might not be fair to the musicians out there.

Entitlement Mentality

Many people blame the payment issues on today’s entitlement generation.  Many of the music lovers assume that they don’t need to pay for things.  In fact, some even brag about how little music they do pay for – despite their growing collection of songs.  In addition, many simply stream their favorite songs using services like Spotify.  They argue that there is no use paying for something when they can get it for free.  Artists feel entirely different.  They think that free music is a violation of trade policies.  And it is also a threat to the music industry in general, causing more and more artists to take out emergency loans.

Where Should An Artist Look For Money

Does this mean that today’s musicians need to stop playing?  No.  Instead, they should get smart.  Some people will not put their music on services like Spotify.  Why?  This company does not pay a lot.  And the only avenue for money from streaming is usually ad dollars that come from popular youtube videos.  However, it is important to keep in mind that this service is good for new artists.  It helps them get discovered.  Unfortunately, getting discovered has a lot less to do with streaming and more to do with talent.


For the most part, musicians don’t make the money off their music.  Instead, the labels take home much of the payment.  For this reason, it is in the best interest of the artist to sign with a label.  Proper representation can get them the funding they need.  And it can help them increase iTunes downloads and more.

Be smart about getting paid as a musician today.

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